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It may seem tempting to sit down with a designer in a big box store and choose your cabinets from a catalog in an effort to save some money. The surprising thing is that it is likely to cost you more money for an inferior quality than if you called The Heirloom Artisans. Big box stores charge extra for services such as coming out to measure and view the room. They will offer various grades of quality, but the cheaper, lower-grade cabinets are just that. Cheap. Because the cabinets are pre-fabricated and sitting in a warehouse, your room will be designed around the cabinets when it should be the other way around.

By choosing The Heirloom Artisans to create your cabinets, you will optimize your budget and options. We offer a free on-site consultation where a professional craftsman will meet with you and listen to your ideas and concerns. You will get cabinets designed specifically for your room and the way you use it, providing elegant, creative solutions for difficult areas.

You will save time and money and the end result will be form and function with the beauty and integrity of an Heirloom.

Please feel free to browse through our gallery. We will be happy to provide you with client references on request and if you have any questions, give us a call or send an email.


At the Heirloom Artisans we create the highest quality custom cabinetry. There are many styles of cabinetry that can be created from Modern to traditional and craftsman. Each kitchen is designed to suit your area. We listen to your wants and needs and then we incorporate those requests into the design. With time tested construction methods and top quality materials, we build the kitchen to fulfill your dreams. We have a large quantity of door and door profiles. Drawer boxes are made with dovetail construction. But most of all we offer the highest quality of service to our clients. Without this service guarantee, the Heirloom Artisans would be just another cabinet maker.

  • Custom
  • Styles – Modern, Contemporary, traditional, craftsman
  • Highest quality materials
  • Designed to build
  • Time tested construction methods
  • Latest innovative hardware
  • Large quantity of door profiles
  • Expertise service
  • Custom finish


In the furniture division of the Heirloom Artisans, we have a deep need to create a piece of furniture that exceeds your dreams. We have studied and created hundreds of historical pieces. We have even had the chance to do some hands on time with some furniture at the Getty Museum. During that time we were able to disassemble, measure, and photograph some absolutely beautiful and historic furniture. This time helped us coin our name of “Heirloom”. We have learned how to apply tried and true methods of construction and joinery to the various pieces of furniture that we create. These methods are applied to all of our furniture creating something that will be passed down through generations. We have been through extensive training in the art of decorative veneer and marquetry inlay. There are about 500 species of wood that can be used to create patterns and pictures within the project creating something extremely unique and one of a kind.

Most people don’t ever think of the need for quality furniture. A lot of people just say,” let’s buy furniture from China or the BIG BLUE BOX from Sweden.” This furniture is fine for the short term. But the furniture is disposable. The furniture is made out of low quality particle board. With normal daily use, the item will end up breaking, causing you to buy another item. Not only does this increase your carbon footprint on the planet, but in the long run, it will cost you more money.

  • Timeless design.
  • Decorative veneering and Marquetry inlay
  • Reproduction work
  • Styles – Modern, traditional, craftsman
  • Tried and true methods of construction


At the Heirloom Artisans, we also offer custom millwork to make your home a more unique place. Most companies offer the same four profiles of base molding that are sold from the standard local big box store. This molding can be good for some instances, but we like to offer a complete line of custom molding from various companies with hundreds of profiles to choose from. However, if you cannot find the molding that you have in your design, we can create a custom molding to complete your overall design. We have studied and photographed many homes and cataloged the profiles that have been used. All of this enables us to create something very unique to your home.

Since, we have a vast knowledge of molding profiles we are able to create the most unique fireplace mantles and surrounds for your home. We use quality materials and time tested Joinery to make sure that the built-ins are truly “Heirloom” quality.

Our goal is to take your dreams and turn them into a reality by using our craftsmanship and the knowledge that we have acquired to create a home that is unique to you through our custom millwork solution. Custom millwork

  • Historical reproductions
  • Quality materials
  • Solid joinery